Traffic Light Song- The Colorful and Informative One!

It is a rule of thumb that if you want to teach children something then you need to make it interesting and fun for them. The Traffic light song is just an example of that as it teaches about the way the traffic lights function. This is one of the best nursery rhymes as it offers a playful and joyous way to make the children learn.

This rhyme not only teaches about the traffic lights but also make them learn about the different colors. It consists of catchy lyrics which children love to sing along and enjoy. This rhyme is also popular among preschool songs because of its informative nature.

About the lyrics:

The lyrics of the traffic light song revolve around the three traffic signal colors; red, yellow, and green. The rhyme explains the function of each color and its importance for controlling the traffic. The rhyme tells the children that when its red light you have to stop right away, when it’s yellow you have to wait, and when its green you can go. However, it is important to explain to the children that these traffic lights are for the cars to follow and for the pedestrians there is only zebra crossing.

Takeaways for kids:

This children song is very beautifully composed and has an appealing tone too. You’ll find a plethora of videos on the web that make this rhyme more colorful and joyous. You can use this rhyme as a tool to explain to the children how the traffic lights help the drivers and also the meaning of each color. This song is played as a preschool song as it helps in learning colors and about the traffic light. Also, it helps in developing motor skills and improves the hand-eye coordination.

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